This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Kara No Kioku summary:

Between a recent move to Tokyo and the first day of high school, Rei starts his day filled with anxiety and insecurity. His nervousness accompanies him to the classroom, where amidst the classroom chatter, Rei is suddenly struck with a strange dream, followed by an aching in his chest. Once he wakes up, Rei is greeted by a small creature standing on his desk. Passing it off as part of his dream, Rei heads home. However, to his surprise, numerous other strange creatures of all shapes and sizes roam the streets, seemingly invisible to everyone else. With countless questions and the small creature from before trailing behind him, Rei's life is changed forever when he encounters a tall one-eyed figure, dressed in all black, smiling at him.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 28: Mania 5.2K May 03,23
Chapter 26: Blind Spot 11.7K Jan 26,23
Chapter 25: Barrier 12K Nov 16,22
Chapter 23 13.3K Aug 09,22
Chapter 22: Capture 14.5K Jul 05,22
Chapter 21: Trace 15.2K May 11,22
Chapter 19: The Visitor 16.5K Mar 16,22
Chapter 18: Family 17.6K Feb 09,22
Chapter 15: Hollow 20.8K Oct 08,21
Chapter 14: Blackout 21.2K Sep 04,21
Chapter 13: 13 21.1K Aug 09,21
Chapter 12: Rough Seas 22.9K Jul 10,21
Chapter 11: Friend 22.7K Jul 10,21
Chapter 8: Sprint 30.1K Dec 26,20
Chapter 7: Touch 32.9K Oct 23,20
Chapter 6: A Hunch 36.9K Sep 30,20
Chapter 5: Friends 41K Aug 21,20
Chapter 4: Trilemma 46K Aug 21,20
Chapter 3: Duo 50.8K Jun 23,20
Chapter 2: Hitotsume 62K May 23,20
Chapter 1: Zero 106.4K May 23,20
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